Ellevan Music

1.5 years of Production.

1 Co-Producer, 2 Musical Features, Under 3 Minutes.

Let There Be Strings!

DSharp; an incredibly dope friend, violinist, vocalist and star of a being. He added exactly what the track needed in his own unique light and turned it into a movie with them strangs.

Lead Synths Genius

Rob Christian; nothing short of a Toronto music legend. Rob has co-produced many tracks with me, making him my primary guy for all things soul intensive. He draws you in with subtle lead lines and puts his magical touch on this trap soul track like only he can.

Drums n Structure?

niinarosa music // James Reed, a deeply artistic RnB rising star in Toronto who also happens to craft absolute BANGER beats. Ultimately, if I didn't have the original beat by niinarosa I wouldn't of had the inspiration to write what I truly believe is the best song I've written and recorded to date.

A true pleasure creating with these boys between Los Angeles and Toronto. It's a huge vibe because of our collective energies. May it bless, teach and inspire many.

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As found in this study, research shows that we are wave form. Not particle.

In fact everything we perceive as solid matter is vibrating energy hinging on our belief that it's there.

We, the collective, are light forms carrying out consciousness' exploration of itself. Acting as solid matter, with our own identities and beliefs.

So what does this mean for me?

  • It's a vibrational reality. Energy. What you feel is as real as this screen.
  • Only I can control my vibration. 
  • My vibration can cause an effect.

You are a Light Beam, breathe deeply, allow the shift to happen. 

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