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After setting the world record for the most must videos released by a single artist in 1 year, we had to make a movie out of what I spent the better part of a decade doing in Toronto w my live band. Independently produced and crowd funded, the same production team that set the record with me spent 2 years writing and shooting scenes to book end this live improvised concert. That's right this live band and MC completely made up every second of this music based on audience suggestions that were placed in a little wooden box minutes before the show. Ellevan found this silly concept alluring because he finds it important make work that encapsulates the energy of 'not planning things and them still working out'. Now let's be clear, this is a pilot movie of what can be done. This feature-length multimedia piece is the first of its kind. A proud moment for the Toronto creative. Watch their record setting year here.  @Ellevan Music  Feel free to reach out on any socials to @EllevanMusic Learn more about Ellevan and the crew here www.ellevanmusic.com Thank you so much to our sponsors: Shatterizer https://shatterizer.ca Get Real Movement https://www.thegetrealmovement.com Production Partners at Mansha Shot at: Love Child Social https://lovechildsocial.com Note from Ellevan: Thank you Thank You THANK YOU! Real gratitude for everyone who was involved in every step of this dream. This is a gift from the heart to the fans and the people that care. My indie Go Go Contributors and creative partners like Jade Rakes have been the back bone to my progress with this thing. Everyone who acted in and helped me produce this, you are forever documented having my back so I always have yours. Thank you. The idea that Cory, Pheebs, Lindsey, Glo, Taylor, Maddison and the core gang hadn't seen me live on stage was bugging me. The people who've made it known that they appreciate my work I wanted to show them what it was like to hang out with me and my band for a night. So the point here isn't to perfect the craft of film but rather give the live loose concert experience with a couple of laughs and gasps. Please enjoy this piece from that perspective and I'm sure your heart will be light. Love, thank you for watching. - Cast and Crew in credits on screen but honourable mentions to Johnny Rogers Winny Clarke Humble The Poet Jenna Pixar Justine Iaboni

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