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STFU Thoughts and Feelings

Here it is folks!


This book is here to walk you through the steps of becoming more self aware and mindful. Anecdotical story telling and a light simple delivery make it so any one from any where can accept the basic state of human and grow from there. Ellevan has exciting micro moments that he unpacks unto huge concepts and ideas based in self analysis. Heavily inspired by the work of Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer and Dr. Joe Dispenza - this book is a simple guide to getting your reptilian brain to calm down and compassion and patience to make its way into the forefront of your life. Right off the top! Ellevan shares that becoming "mindful" takes worthy work and isn't an overnight thing, its a discipline and like all disciplines, it take your decision first to manifest. We achieve this understanding together through out by realizing the value of zooming out and using our creative thought for more than conversation. This book touches on Tao te Ching aka The Centre Way by Lao Tzu (current translation by Stephen Mitchell) a profound remembrance that we all come from source and the inertia of the Tao is always in movement. Coaching us how to hold a vision that we prefer over letting our circumstances ruin our emotional state, we can let go and focus to feel good. Peace, Health, Wealth and Blessings to you and yours. I hope you take from this book what you need.