Ellevan Music
Jamaica Show Cancelled Due to Some Flu

Hello Friends!


I was so greatly looking forward to rocking the stage with DJ Cerino for the big opening night in Negril Jamaica at YSW at Hedonism 2! But due to this small flu thats currently making its way through some humans bodies and every humans mind, has haulted and travel and large groups and gatherings, which NO DOUBT, this sold out event was gonna be a deliciously flighty filthy get down, so we had to chill. BUT! No need to trip about the trip, when everything is back on track in 2 weeeks (prbbaly less) we gonna be throwing up and throwing down heavvy in JULY! for Week of EDM where I'll be doing lightning fast rap vocals and some of your favourite banger specials. ;) 

Love yall. Stay up! Be well. 

I'll be doing live streams on my Instagram! So keep in touch! Send nudes! :) @EllevanMusic