Ellevan Music
CREATE: Ellevan is set to release new EP in March


Pre Order currently available on https://ellevan.bandcamp.com/album/create

This will be Ellevan's 4th project and collection of music produced over the pandi. Introspective songs, with the original idea being 'inward' for Ellevan's 4th coming project, then life shifted gears and here we are. 

This is the material that manifested through me during the pandemic. Along with many emotional times and struggles, there was some beautiful visions and relationships that came to life. This music is what happens when I just let the Universe have it's way with me. Even with these Abraham Hicks samples I toss in there to share the inner guidance aspect of where the song is coming from, (how I arrived there at least) I didn't cognitively choose these clip parts, they chose themselves through me. i didmd even hear them until I played them back, same with many lyrics in this project.

This is the A side of this project. There will be more. There is more. I just feel like these are the select that tell the story of what I've uncovered during this time personally and a reflection of new relationships to come.

Blessings and thanks for paying attention to my work. It means the world and we're only getting better.

Love and light