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Consciousness Evolving Through COVID-19
Become the light 
Make a choice to be aware of the path you’re paving.
There are infinite options that are occurring simultaneously throughout the multiverse. 
You create the idea you sprout in your mind. You move towards, and eventually into, the reality you concentrate upon.
By the whole movement of the universe, it slowly unfolds your desired outcome if you feel connected to that vision.
Forget the idea of linear time. You can jump from timeline to timeline. You can leap into a greater outcome possibility with a greater awareness.You must be able to let go of everything. 
Own the creation
Remember? Remember deeper. Remember that we got a ticket to the hottest party in the universe by getting to be on earth during the time period of the early days of the 20th century. This shit is nuts. Technology. Global Communication. Online - Shopping / Driving / Eating. It's all happening right before our very eyes. 
A remembering, also referred to as an awakening, is a natural occurrence that allows the point of observation, you - the 'experiencer', the observer, the opportunity to shift dimensions upward.
Remember that you're an infinite creator. (I know, that's a lot to handle)
Humans are currently ascending out of a 3rd dimensional understanding of existing (good & bad, fighting each other, lack of energetic awareness, systemic programming). Our full ascension will require the willingness of the whole, eventually, to create full harmony. We are currently moving into and through the 4th dimension (*appreciating things at a vibrational level). Moving us closer to the 5th dimension (oneness).
Isolation is giving us the opportunity to gain more self awareness. Creating a world where each individual person is taking responsibility for their own energy. Thus knowing their contribution to the collective.
Essentially, having the honesty to say to yourself "Am I contributing a problem? Or am I contributing a solution?" From that, stems the steps you can take to be more aligned with a greater purpose.
Are You Discouraged? Disgruntled? Sad? 
Every time you feel out of alignment, it is simply you not honouring your deepest truth. Which is love. Which is light. Which is a greater force of energetic guidance you could ever imagine. 
Humans have been led to believe that they have to earn everything. Untrue. Everything is here to serve you. It’s our simple task to wake up and let it flow into our experience. 
Now everyone is going to go through their own level of resistance to this. 
You may; work through self-worth issues, train your mind to stop getting distracted, decide to believe in yourself - OR- find it doesn’t really matter and we’re living for sensations anyway.
The path of least resistance would be to completely let go and allow the abundance to flow.
We’ve created routines because of what we’ve been taught, what we think of ourselves and what we ultimately want. 

Take time to heal. Centre. Become Inspired. Proceed.

Love and Light Homies.

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