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Special moments captured from the greatest improvised music event in the world. The Ellevan Live Special [formally known as ENS].

Ellevan and his live band performed 16 completely improvised songs on August 11th 2018. The same year him and his video team released 365 music videos. So post production including the film portions of the live special (with audio mixed like a proper album) had to wait till 2019.

In 2019, Ellevan and MC2 spent a span of 8 months; editing (the live special portion), writing (the new film parts to connect all the random songs), shooting the scenes, post editing etc.etc. With so much anticipation for its completion, the team who's still putting finishing touches on the final cut can't wait to bring it to you no matter how that may be. If you're in Toronto, in 2020, look out for Premiere tickets!

Want to see a snippet of what happened that night?